Customized Design

We work with technicians who carry out extensive and exhaustive study of the space to plan the overall layout of the lighting fixtures. We consider several aspects before executing the final product, including specifications like the wiring, power supply, the overall aesthetics of the house and light emitting elements. Additionally, we offer detailed 3D printed lighting fixtures to cater to our client’s specific requirements.

Lighting Design

The lighting industry has significantly advanced with an abundance of options available to the client to light up residential and commercial space. Driven by a team of technical experts, we conceptualize the placement and arrangement of light using 3D imaging and calculate the intensity of the light needed in a particular area to maintain consistency across the space.

Light Control Systems

Our integrated lighting solutions allow our clients to alter the lighting scenes of their space and mold it according to their moods and specific behaviors. With occupancy sensors and automatic light dimmer systems, we give them an option to control the ‘intensity of illumination’ in turn encouraging convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Light Project Management

We direct our resources towards ensuring that the complexity of the project is managed seamlessly, irrespective of the location of the client. With proper coordination and management, we also keep a track of the resources acquired, changes communicated and the final testing. We operate with absolute precision and planning to ensure that the project is completed on time, without the added burden of additional expenditures.

Energy Saving

Sustainability and innovation are ingrained into our core values. We collaborate closely with our clients and conduct intense energy-saving studies to ensure that the design is financially, technically, and practically attainable. We develop a robust approach to craft long-term solutions that benefit both the client and the environment.

Value Engineering

Every client has a set of reservations with the budget involved in a project. We take these reservations and concerns into account to improve the value of a project upon the client’s request. With a systematic and organised approach, we reduce the cost of the project while ensuring that the end result remains unaltered. Our experts in value engineering and management explore every alternative there is to cut down on the cost without compromising on the functionality and overall aesthetics of the project.

After Sales Services

We do not simply complete a project; we believe in building a long-lasting relationship. We go above and beyond for our clients, offering after-sale services like warranty, maintenance, up-gradation of equipment, replacements of faulty lighting fixtures, and more.

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